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Client: Clydz Restaurant

Project: Food Truck & Rebranding

Branding⎥Ad⎥Web⎥Experiential Design⎥Photography

Clydz is a fantastic restaurant with a great concept: selling interesting food and cocktails with an emphasis on showcasing exotic game meats, in a setting reminiscent of a classic 1920's speakeasy. 

Can we make the aesthetic as palatable as the cuisine?


Clydz restaurant is nestled in the heart of New Brunswick, the home hub-city of Rutgers University. With a student population of almost 70,000 people, food trucks are a sought after by famished and adventurous young academics.

And now, we begin the Instagram ready food imagery: delicious plates of Clydz cuisine, professionally photographed by your's truly and ready for their moment in the social-media spotlight. 

Clydz would do extremely well with both day and night-time crowds of student revelers, were the restaurant to begin a food-truck franchise.


Postcards sent to Clydz' patrons will highlight the fantastical elements of the restaurant, using styles of art that harken back to days of yesteryear.

The collectible postcards will be presented at the end of dinner alongside the receipt, and will be mailed free-of-charge to whomever the dinner guests choose to say hello to!

Clydz Postcard
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