Client: FIFA Soccer

Project: World Cup Logo 2026

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FIFA is the international governing body of association football; otherwise known as soccer here in the U.S.. They're currently looking for new logo ideas for upcoming Word Cup contests, and the host nations for the year 2026 are going to be the Americas: Canada, The United States, and Mexico. 

Can we create a logo that functions as more

than just an icon?


The unifying element: a soccer ball comprised of a few solid black and white shapes. Symmetrical use of positive and negative space creates a pleasing and balanced icon.  

A combination of the curve of the soccer ball and the host nation's colors creates a sense of motion, as well as suggesting the vertical nature of the World Cup trophy.

A simple and bold font works well in large print and is easily readable, even at small sizes.

Asset 1.png

Four colors: green, white, red, and blue.  Stacked next to each other, they form the basis of the three host nation flags: Mexico, Canada, and the United States.








The elegant simplicity of the logo allows it to become a conduit for exciting visuals, as well as functioning as a design scheme that can support multiple facets of the commercialization of the World Cup: from highly-coveted apparel to simple posters and stickers, the universality of the aesthetic makes it both stylish and practical.




Attendees of the World Cup will get

a special bracelet that will light-up and change color depending on which section they're sitting in the venue. The audience will become a living billboard as patterns, phrases, and smiles flash around the stadium in unison!