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Client Name: Johnson & Johnson

Project: Happy Lung App

Branding⎥UI⎥Web⎥Experiential Design

Tobacco use is currently the leading preventable cause of death and disease in the U.S., and thousands of people across the world struggle with health-related issues as a result. Johnson & Johnson wants to help people overcome their addiction and quit smoking cigarettes with a downloadable free app.

How do we make the the pain of quitting smoking easier for consumers?

Wipee! Brand_8.gif

Users will find that signing into the app is easy as pie.  

A quick tutorial will guide the user through the main features of the program.

Registering will help tailor the app for the individual needs of the user.

Tailor-Made User Experience


The app will also let you know when other users are around, helping provide in-person and virtual support for smokers.

Users will be able to hit a "panic button" that will give them instant live support from others that are quitting smoking too.

The app will keep track of how much money and free time is regained by abstaining from cigarettes.


Rewards System


Points earned from not smoking can be redeemed for discounts for anti-smoking aids.

Pop-ups will show milestones in physical recovery. 

A leaderboard will help motivate users to quit smoking by introducing a competition aspect.



The "We Happy Lungs" crew can now be found in virtual reality with our app photo-filters. Take pictures with our lovable characters and add "Stinky the Smoke Monster" to pictures of people who need to get the hint!


Social Media Support 

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